With technology,
staff, sequence of
work also material
printing ink, paper, investigation. we keep
in mind and pay attention with our aim is
quality of product delivery to our clients

work compete to
timing is one of
our standard that
we have been
prepared technology, production team
to stand by 24 hours.

with our standard
price base on
quality product
and fast service. by our achievement,
our clients rely on us to service many
important product from small job to
big job.

With Intention in printing product and
good operation in Printing service.
TAC was established in 1993, with
our fully experience in printing process
cause to more than 10 years we can
stand on printing business. our standard,
intention that we bring out to create
good quality product. good planning
for sequences of work and our sincerity,
compose with the best in services
and process with high technology.
much more important, we deeply
concern to develop our production
team to achieve best product quality.
now a day our company thrive on
printing business and have been
developed to high standard printing
factory and serve all printing product
with international standard.
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